March 17, 2021

Webinar Recap: Embarking on your NG9-1-1 GIS Migration

On FridayMarch 5, 2021, GeoComm hosted a webinar titled, “Embarking on your NG9-1-1 GIS Migration.”   

GeoComm’s Jessica Frye, ENP, GIS Project manager and Kathy Liljequist, GIS Consultant offered attendees the opportunity to learn more about critical GIS data maintenance workflow decisions that 9-1-1 and GIS departments face as they embark on the NG9-1-1 GIS migration.  Utilizing their local, regional, and state NG-1-1 GIS project experience and involvement in industry standards development, they sat down to discuss:  

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    Important stages agencies can expect while preparing GIS data for NG9-1-1 such as GIS data assessment and improvement efforts 

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    Various factors that impact 9-1-1 and GIS teams during the NG9-1-1 transition - one example -how street names are handled  

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    Important changes that GIS data undergoes as entities work to meet GIS data requirements for the development of a GIS-based MSAG 

“While the technology to implement these new IP-based 9-1-1 systems is available now, the transition to NG9-1-1 will involve much more than just new computer hardware and software.”

9-1-1 systems are going through vast changes from tabular database use to geospatial call routing, and the transition phase is critical to understand as it acts as a bridge where various legacy and NG9-1-1 components work together.    

Interested in learning more about NG9-1-1 GIS impacts and migration decisions?  Contact us today to request a recording of the webinar and learn more about some recommendations to get started.   


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