April 21, 2020

City of Austin, Texas Completes Project Aimed at Improving GIS Data Provided in Their CAD System

The City of Austin, Texas was recently experiencing some difficulties with spoken vehicle routing directions provided in their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) mobile units. Their main objective was to correct the roads segments on dual carriageway streets with a physical barrier for a median, which caused the segment to come together in a “pinched” fashion (see BEFORE pic). They requested GeoComm assist them with the project by completing spatial and attribute updates to their Road Centerline Layer to straighten the road segments into more “ladder-like” parallel lines (see AFTER pic). This resulted in improving the vehicle routing directions provided by CAD system to the mobile units.

“We sincerely appreciate all of GeoComm’s hard work for this public safety project.  The collaboration and professionalism everyone demonstrated throughout this project was wonderful.  We will certainly reach out to GeoComm if we need future GIS assistance.”

John Regalado – Public Safety IT Manager, City of Austin, Texas

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